Fort William & Mary Anniversary Event

Fort William & Mary

Join us for the 250th Anniversary event!

On December 14th, bring the whole family to watch and learn all about the American War of Independence.

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Join us on December 14th and 15th at the Fort Constitution Historic Site to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Revolutionary War.

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Boston’s Committee of
Correspondence dispatched Paul Revere to Portsmouth with a message suggesting
they had received intelligence from the British that all Forts of the Colonies were to be
secured by British soldiers.

We are a non-profit organization and welcome your donations to continue the education of American History.

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To bring the memory alive of the New Hampshire colonials who were first to put their
lives and fortunes at risk in the first outright resistance to the British Crown by seizing
the King’s Fort William and Mary, hauling down the British Flag, and carting off the
King’s gunpowder, muskets, and cannons.

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